Every new product needs a well planned launch. Even if it is a follow-up product or the upgraded version of an existing product that has been a bestseller, it would still need a strong launch pad. The simple objective is to make some relevant noise, so people sit up and notice, so the press starts talking about it and the customers or clients whom the product is for get interested enough to check it out.

Here are five tips to market or promote a product right from its launch.

  • Before you launch the product, you should have a website for it. Since you may already have a website and all your products or services are already presented there, you should think of having a landing page. The older products and services that people are already accustomed with don’t need to be highlighted as much as the new offering. You can change the homepage but it is easier to have a landing page that will be completely dedicated to the new product. This way you can have separate landing pages for new products when they roll out and then return to your original homepage when the initial promotional spree is over.
  • You should have a video marketing strategy. Your landing page can have a video, you can use video sharing sites to broadcast a series of videos preparing the path to the launch and you can keep producing video blogs for widespread circulation to promote the product. Video blogs are very effective at garnering traction and they are also helpful in search engine optimization.
  • A video blog must also be complemented with a blog. You need a series of articles or blog posts that will build up the momentum towards the launch and then thereon the blog must take off illustrating the various merits of the product, there should be resolutions to problems as they emerge or questions that people put forth and a multichannel correspondence should be facilitated, with the consumers, marketers, distributors and the press.
  • A social media campaign is imperative. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest, possibly LinkedIn and YouTube among many other sites, companies must use relevant social media platforms or social networks to promote their products and services.
  • Finally, you should prepare for a grand launch given your budget and the scope of the product or service. You could plan a seminar, a gala, a conference, a networking event, a webinar or live chat. Choose what you think will augur well for your product.


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