18 Jun
June 18,

〔Episode 144〕The Importance of Data to justify the value of events -Mike Piddock

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Mike is the Co-Founder and CEO of Glisser – a new event-technology solution that shares presentations live and incorporates social interaction. Glisser allows presenters to take ordinary PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and push them slide-by-slide to attendee mobile devices. Presenters can also supercharge their slides with audience questions, Twitter feeds and polls to collect valuable.. read more →

Ilka Dzeik, Head of Global Corporate Events EMEA, Symantec Corp., Ilka started her career in 1993 focusing on corporate events in the TK and IT industry. Since 2004 she works for Symantec and leads the EMEA team who runs numerous pan-European events such as proprietary conferences up to 2500 attendees, tradeshows or roadshows and supports.. read more →

Wolfram is CTO of MeetingSphere Inc. Since his days at IBM/Lotus 16 years ago, Wolfram has focused on enabling group communication with technology. Wolfram’s ambition is to turn Group Decision Support Systems that used to be very complex and elitist tools into tools everyone can use to great effect. Wolfram has shared his knowledge on.. read more →

Marcel is the co-founder and CEO of Superevent. He has a broad industry experience in speech recognition software, healthcare, event services and clean energy. Within 1 year after launching Superevent they won over 100 events on three continents including with Fortune 500 companies. Superevent promotes events and at the same time helps events to get.. read more →

16 Apr
April 16,

〔Episode 126〕What are the shiny objects in the event industry? -David Schenberg

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After 20 years of designing and managing tradeshows and live events of every type, David Schenberg has utilized numerous technologies focused on the same goal: creating a return for the time and money spent on marketing initiatives. So while people argue over ROI and ROO, ROA (Return on Actionsm) focuses on tracking what people actually.. read more →

Tahira is passionate about how meeting design can combine technology with the human factor to create relevance in a world that demands collaboration and innovation. Tahira is a true meeting explorer, driven by a fascination with what we are learning about neuroscience and the power of the five senses to enhance memory, knowledge retention and.. read more →

Dharmesh Dayabhai is a dedicated and driven marketing expert with over 13 years of success in generating buzz over the discovery and utilization of new technologies and innovative solutions in the event industry. Dharmesh is constantly searching for new technologies to harness and polish to be used for the success of others – utilizing his.. read more →

Brian has always had a passion for helping businesses succeed; however, the event industry has always been the biggest draw. Whether through Social Marketing, Management or Education opportunities, Brian has helped over 3,800 businesses worldwide to grow their event business. Brian has shared his knowledge on how to pick the right social marketing technology, the importance of.. read more →

As a first generation personal computer user since the late 1970s, technology is part of Brandt’s DNA. Combine that with a degree in Technical Theatre and a core in Psychology, add in almost 20 years experience in the meetings and events industry, and you get a powerful event technology cocktail. Brandt has spoken at numerous.. read more →

Starting his entrepreneurship journey in his teenage years, Matt McCoy co-founded his most recent business, Scanalytics Inc., in 2012. Scanalytics Inc has developed proprietary intelligent floor sensors (SoleSensors) that measure real-time foot traffic in retail, events and healthcare. Over the last two years, the SoleSensors, have been deployed across North America and Europe. Matt has shared his knowledge on why is.. read more →