At 24 years old, Bernice has been actively involved in the international entrepreneurial space since she kick­started an entrepreneurial support structure for students at her university in 2012. She has a passion for startups and as a natural people’s person, she takes a social approach to business, taking others’ needs in consideration. She has hosted a string of global events for startups called Get in the Ring,including in the Netherlands, South Africa, India, Spain and plans to host many more globally focused events for startups as she believes a global network is key to a startups success story. Through her industry expertise, she is currently expanding her reach to schools and universities, focussing on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and empowering students with a support structure that can assist in bringing their business ideas to life. Her vision and goal is to improve world economies through making everyone an entrepreneur, focussing on the youth and women. Bernice has shared her knowledge on the importance to give start-ups a global podium, ways investors can help, mentors and connecting with other start ups around the globe even if different from you.

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