It is in human nature to cling onto anything that is perceived as precious. At times it is precious, such as a relationship or a pricey material possession. At times it is mistakenly perceived as significant or worthwhile. Whatever may be the reality in a specific scenario, holding onto something which no longer exists or is in the reckoning has a plethora of negative fallout. Write science work about psychology is not easy, so you can always get help with capstone project at

Letting go is a quintessential reality. It applies to your personal life, professional life and every other conceivable sphere that matters. There are people who cannot move on after a setback. There are professional and personal setbacks of myriad hues. Some are remembered fondly while some have a bad aftertaste. The real question is what good does it serve to cling on? If it serves no greater or useful purpose then one must harness the power of letting go.

Letting go stems from the acceptance that what is bygone is indeed bygone. There is no tool in the world that can be used to change the past. One cannot turn the clock back or rewind the tape of life. If there is something amiss in the past or if one has lost something, it is only pragmatic to move on. It is absolutely natural to have a sense of loss but it is imperative to look ahead, to pursue objectives that are yet to be accomplished and to do things that one hasn’t done yet.

It is easier said than done though. Letting go comes naturally for some people but is a herculean challenge for many. There is no standard practice how letting go works. Some people avoid the issue, some try to forget it, some use distraction while some face it, overcome the pain and inconveniences associated with the realizations and then move on. It is necessary to confront the loss, to accept it and then to look for a better tomorrow. This will help a person to let go and move on without any pullback. If there is residual emotion and if some emotions are simply suppressed, then they would have a reprisal and that could be more formidable than they were initially.

Failure, personal loss, financial shortcomings and even personal limitations are to be dealt with in a pragmatic way and there should always be a positive outlook towards the future. Holding onto the past will neither attain joy at the moment nor will it pave the way for a joyous future.

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