Are you planning social media for your event? Then it should go without saying that you need to create a hashtag to go with that social media. A branded hashtag is vital. It shows the world what you are up to. At the same time, it gives them a hashtag that will accomplish two things simultaneously.

When you take the subject of branded hashtags seriously, you instantly engage your potential audience. You also create something that emphasizes your brand while connecting it to something larger. This sounds like a tall order for a branded hashtag. However, there are a few simple things you can keep in mind. These things will help you to create the most effective branded hashtag possible.

Creating Branded Hashtags For Your Event

Hashtags have become a massive entity within social media. A good hashtag can send a brand into the stratosphere. While it’s true that you’re going to need to continue working to keep that momentum, while also looking for ways to evolve your brand, it is also true that you still have momentum. This momentum can take you to wherever you want to go. For something that is designed to work as a word or phrase that refers back to what people are talking about, hashtags bring a lot to the table.

The first thing you want to do with your branded hashtag is keep things short. If you are using Twitter, then you only have 140 characters to begin with. Your hashtag really shouldn’t be more than ten characters. The next thing you will want to do look for something memorable but relevant. Memorable is good, but it’s nothing if it doesn’t clearly communicate what your event is all about. As you consider this, you should also keep in mind the value of being descriptive. Accomplishing this in 10 characters or less is no easy feat, but it can be done.

Along the way, remember the difference between normal hashtags and branded hashtags. With branded hashtags, you are essentially creating the official hashtag for your event. No one is saying that you can’t use additional hashtags. It’s just that these hashtags do not need the additional element of your brand.

And remember to think in multichannel terms. Hashtags may have become popular on Twitter, but that is not the only social media outlet that is utilizing these tags. Regardless of where you are, keep in mind that the same rules for creation will still apply.

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