On Wednesday the 11th November, I attended, for the first time ever, Event Tech Live at the Old Truman Brewery in London.

On arrival, I got a friendly high five from the gentleman at the door (the high five was for making it up the stairs).  A lady helped me with printing out my pass and I was ready. It was buzzing. Lots of people and I really loved the relaxed and lay back feel of the event as well as the décor.

There were many stands and different size stages with speeches going on at the same time. 

I sat at 1 session. It was #AskJulius. This was a great idea sponsored by Glisser. Julius Solaris answered a few questions, both from the app as well as from the crowd. I loved this session. Why? Because although there was no presentation, the attendees were able to ask the expert any question they wanted and I learned quite a few things.

I walked around the floor a few times and I met so many professionals. Some I had met before and some I had the pleasure to interview in the past.

It felt strange not to have the cameraman with me. In fact, quite a few people said it was strange not to see me with the mic and the camera. I, instead, took a lot of selfies and had great conversations, finding out what these experts are doing and how they are changing this incredible industry bit by bit.

Thank you to the ETY team and in particular to Adam Parry for having me.



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