17 Feb 2016
February 17, 2016

What’s the power of online events?

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Online events are extremely popular today. While traditional events are not passé yet and perhaps they would always be relevant, it is no secret that online events will become the order of the day. From webinars to various other ways people congregate online, it makes sense for organizers and attendees to switch to the virtual world for the quintessential networking, client acquisition, business expansion and pan-industry seminars.

To understand the power of online events, we should illustrate its scope and impact. Only the benefits will be able to truly convey the power of online events.

  • The biggest advantage of online events is the outreach. Any event is confined to its physical location or venue. People living in the city or around will find it convenient but the entire world beyond would be shunned out. Unless it is a Comic Con or a CES and the likes, an event would seldom bring in people from across the country. Convenience is a quintessential issue as it determines the viability of attending an event. With online events, no one is restricted. There is no geographic confinement or limitation. A webinar being hosted in London can reach out to every nook and corner of the world that has internet. Whether we consider the perspective of the event organizer or the attendees, online events make absolute sense. They are convenient, one can attend to it from anywhere and one also doesn’t have to indulge in the commute or even dressing up for the occasion.
  • Online events have the advantage of technology. Contents can be shared digitally and thus much more economically than having to share documents or printed pages at a traditional event. If saving money is a good enough reason, then the eco friendliness of online events makes for an even better reason. Companies can also save money on venues, food and drinks, the décor and every miscellaneous expense that would have been unavoidable in a traditional event.
  • Online events can be much more personalized. A thousand people attending an event will obviously not get the most attention in a traditional venue. People seated at the last rows will seldom get to feel the real energy at the event. There would always be many attendees who would feel left out. It is almost impossible to be attentive to all the people at an event. Due to the very nature of an online event where people are attending alone and everything is being conveyed directly through video conference or in a larger webinar with multisession hangouts, the connection is direct.
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