28 Apr 2014
April 28, 2014

Why Record your Event?

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When you are planning an event you should definitely consider recording it. Every event is unique in its own way and having a video copy of the event can be extremely useful. Once the event is over you can go over the video to determine what went well and what did not go well. In addition, the video can be used for ads on social media.

Even if you are just planning a small event you should consider some pre-production planning if you are going to be videotaping. The first thing to consider is what you want to use the video for. Do you need to just document the event? Are you going to use it as a tutorial? Could the video be used for marketing? Each of these will require a different level of video production. Knowing what you want to use the video for will help you come up with a production that accomplishes your goals.

It is important to consider whether the video is going to be something that you simply use internally within your company or if you are going to put it on the internet for everyone to see. This is important as it will affect what type of audio, lighting, cameras, etc. that you will need for production.


If you plan on producing a video of your event yourself there are some important things to consider. In most cases you are only going to need one camera for your event. Most of the cameras that are available for recording events are “dummy proof.” This means that the camera is made so that all you really need to do is turn the camera on and press record. Try to avoid pressing every button unless you understand what they do. When recording an event you will want to make sure the camera is plugged into a power supply otherwise you run the risk of the battery dying in the middle of your event.

You may want to consider hiring a professional camera person to record your event. Make sure that you hire someone that is going to take the job seriously and knows exactly what you want to use the video for. If there is not a lot of movement during the speeches and other things going on at the event you may consider just setting up the camera on a tripod. The main issue with this is that the camera will only get one view.

One of the most difficult aspects of recording an event is the audio. Any event that is heavy on talking will need to have good audio to make it worthwhile. When planning your production consider asking speakers to wear good microphones. Do not rely on the built in microphones from the camera as they are typically not of the best quality. The microphones should be tested before your event starts to make sure they are working correctly. If you are using batteries for the microphone you will want to make sure that they are charged fully.

Do you record your events for other reasons?

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