Spring is a lovely season and it is also the time when most couples intend to tie the knot. The season, with its amazing weather and the outdoors being an ideal setting, allows you to experiment with every aspect of a wedding. From the cuisine to the décor, the drinks to the dresses, there is more liberty at your discretion than any other time of the year. But spring for some students is also the passing of exams, the preparation for which takes a lot of time. To free up time and pay attention to the organization of the wedding just go for college term papers for sale.

But the trouble stems from this available liberty. There are so many choices that one can easily get perplexed and that impairs decision making. Let us take the example of the colors that you can play around with. There are scores of colors that would suit a spring wedding. Obviously you cannot have as many you want so you need to figure out the best ones. Going by the trends or doing something radically contrary to the trends, you can opt for either strategy or a midway but you do need to know the trends and what ideas are gaining traction.

Here are some wedding color ideas for spring .

  • Celestial blue is making waves right now. Not just the dresses of the bridesmaids, celestial blue is being used for flowers, décor, cake and even the baskets and caskets.
  • Watermelon pink is another amazing color. It is a wonder during summers as well. From drinks to the flowers, watermelon pink can be used as sparingly or as extensively as one wants.
  • Soft lemon is actually a perennial favorite and it certainly trends during springtime.
  • Pistachio is another favorite this year. Whether you want elegance or sophistry or both, whether you like contemporary style or traditional fashion, this color will be apt.
  • Vibrant turquoise has managed to gain some steam. Not only do the women prefer this color for their special dresses, even men are opting for vibrant turquoise trousers.
  • If you don’t mind bright colors, then blossom is the best choice. Blossom pink can set any wedding on fire, not literally of course.
  • Orchid tint is another popular choice this spring. Experimental event planners try to go with something new every year. Orchid tint and caramel are two experimental choices that are getting amazing response.

If these aren’t enough, then you may want to check out aquamarine, scuba blue, classic blue, Lucite green, toasted almond, strawberry ice, custard, tangerine, marsala, glacier gray, leaf green and pearl among others.

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