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Hi, my name is Silvia Pellegrini. At college, in Milan Italy, I studied languages, so when I turned 19, I decided I wanted to travel to a few countries and improve those languages. I started my journey by coming to the UK. I fell in love with London and decided to stay over. I studied Translation at Metropolitan University and had a bunch of jobs in customer service. During my student years, I skilfully combined study and work, thanks to which I realized many of my goals. I advise modern students to also acquire practical skills while still studying, and to transfer important tasks to the custom book review service https://essays-panda.com/custom-book-review.

A few years later, I organised my own wedding, found it exciting and decided to organise a few more events.
So, a few private parties, charities events and weddings after, I realised that that’s what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’. I loved the whole process, getting to know the ‘clients’, finding suitable solutions for them, delivering an excellent product!

Silvia Pellegrini - Events UncoveredI attended a few networking events, met incredibly interesting and talented people and acquired a few clients thanks to my creative ideas, attention to detail, work ethic and outgoing personality.

I organised events in the UK and abroad. I love connecting with event experts worldwide and find out what they are doing around the world and how they do it!

So I decided to create Events Uncovered TV. It’s an innovative space for event experts to meet, discuss, learn and share their knowledge of the event industry.

Silvia Pellegrini - EventsUncovered.tv I will interview and meet up with fascinating successful experts from around the globe and bring back insights of the event industry.
New and experienced events experts will find out better ways of doing things. They will get connected with other experts around the world and be able to help each other and help their clients with better, greater, fresher ideas/techniques/solutions!

Events Uncovered TV aims to help event planners around the world, bringing you the information/facts/insights you need to excel in your event business by learning from others who are successful.

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