Not too long ago, event managers or planners were a select breed of professionals. Event planners were usually amazing administrators and organizers. They were very good at networking. Most were focused on a confined region which allowed them to have the relevant contacts. Knowledge of the area and the pros & cons of the place are huge advantages. Very few event organizers had any specific skill other than their ability to put up a great show. The foundation of an event is the most important element as that ensures a successful launch.

In recent years, people with diverse experiences, skills and from distinctly different niches have started becoming event entrepreneurs. You may have spotted chefs running popup restaurants. You may have found craft enthusiasts running weekend workshops. You may have seen farmers taking up the charge of weekend markets or seasonal marts. These events were usually planned by professionals who had honed their skills in event planning and management.

The shift in the industry is noticeable and it is happening for a very obvious reason. People are not very interested in hearing those who don’t have hands-on experience in the context. Guests at events don’t like to interact with those who have not proven their skills in a given niche. Generic discussions, limited exposure in an industry and perceived authority when there is none are passé today. No one wants to hear a long lecture or witness a demo unless the person delivering the lecture or the demo is an expert in it.

The need to have factually accurate, credible and helpful information or demonstration has been driving the essence of events in recent years and naturally the experts in every niche have embarked on event entrepreneurship to cater to those needs.

The diversity of people in the event industry is also making events more engaging, interesting and distinctly unique. Any one entrepreneur would always be limited to his or her ideas. Those ideas may not be relevant or effective in every industry. When an industry insider, so to speak, gets up and sets the stage for an event, creates the content to be used and then delivers it to the guests attending the event, it is not just relevant but technically useful and rewarding for the attendees. No one wants a superficial experience anymore. People want to know more, people want to delve into the details and they want to become an expert, which can only be helped by experts in that niche.

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