VLOG ALERT: #Vlog10 This is not a Facebook AD ft. Smartly.io | EventsUncoveredVlog On Thursday the 23rd March, I was invited to Smartly Connect, an event with around 100 attendees, at a really cool venue called Bounce. Little Background: What’s Smartly? Smartly is the leading Facebook ad optimization solution for agencies and performance marketers. What’s.. read more →

VLOG ALERT: #Vlog9 Let me tell you what happened! | EventsUncoveredVlog This is a slight different VLOG. A vlog is a vlog, right? So, what’s the difference? Well, the difference is that I went out to various events, met a lot of people, had brilliant conversations and..brought you along! Yes, you get to spend the.. read more →

VLOG ALERT: #Vlog8 Choose Love and Be Bold ft. BOLD | EventsUncoveredVlog I am a BOLD Ambassador and I was invited to a BOLD shoot on Thursday the 16th February at The Landmark Hotel. I had the privilege to be with an incredible group of entrepreneurs, brought together by BOLD co-founders Caleb Parker and Magnus.. read more →

VLOG ALERT: #Vlog7 From Review to What’s New ft. #Eventprofs Network | EventsUncoveredVlog I was invited by Eventprofs Network to attend their round-table discussion on Wednesday the 1st February at the Megaro Hotel. Their 3 panelists, Caroline Hicks, Sarah Kay and Alex Feehely were knowledgeable and well prepared. Wil was the moderator and guided the conversation brilliantly… read more →

VLOG ALERT: #vlog6 But first, let me take a selfie ft. First Steps | EventsUncoveredVlog I was invited and sponsored by First Steps to attend their very first event on Tuesday the 1st November at the Digital Catapult Centre. They had 6 phenomenal speakers who did a great job at informing, engaging, guiding and exciting the.. read more →

VLOG ALER: #Vlog5: Rock&Roll GameShow ft. Song Division. I was invited and sponsored by Song Division to attend Rock&Roll GameShow at the Brooklyn Bowl on Tuesday the 25th October. What a night it was! There were about 80-100 people divided in teams. It started at 7pm with a round of fun games. The games lasted for.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog4: I was freaking out ft. Event Tech Lab! I was kindly invited by James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab, to participate on a panel on Tuesday the 11th October at the Event Tech Lab Tech Talks. The event was at a great venue: Huckletree. Yes, you read that right. I wasn’t invited to vlog,.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog3: To drink or not to drink ft. VSC! I was kindly invited by Mexia Communications to the VSC Vineyard event. It was the perfect event to showcase their fully refurbished rooms while having a good time. Plenty of wine, food and networking throughout the evening. Thank you to Mexia Communications for inviting.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! #Vlog2: My French Networking Affair ft. The MICE Blog! I was kindly invited to the #EventPlannersTalk LIVE event on the 21th September. The topic was: The Future of Corporate Networking. There were 3 speakers, 1 facilitator and a room full of interesting, engaged event professionals. This was a real treat for me (and anyone.. read more →

VLOG ALERT! I am trying something new: VLOGGING! I was kindly invited to Holborn BNI Hospitality Powerteam Networking Event on the 7th September by the organiser:  Wil Watts. There was a great bunch of event professionals and we were spoilt by the super knowledgeable Emma Parker with a 1 hour London tour! Check out how it went here.. read more →