Most events feature out of town guests who have flown in the morning or the night before the event is scheduled to begin. All of this traveling is taxing on the body. Whether they sat for several hours cooped up in a car or was crunched together on a plane, your event attendees are likely not to be in the best physical shape when they arrive. However, there is a way that event planners can help with some of these issues.


Most people have a routine that they follow every morning that helps them perform at their best level. However, when staying away from home, we usually don’t have access to this routine. Those who regularly exercise in the mornings may suffer the most because this usually puts them on a path to a successful and energy filled day.

However, by adding a wellness session into your event can make a huge difference when it comes to the attentiveness of your attendees. Not only will they be able to stay more focused throughout the event, but they will be able to retain what they are learning better because of this new found focus.


The first thing that you must consider when adding an exercise program to your event is the time it will take to complete the session. Your attendees will need time to return to their rooms and dress for the day, so make sure that you begin the day earlier than normal.

If the weather permits, try to take the exercise routine outside so that your event attendees will have the benefit of breathing in the fresh air. You should also take advantage of your surroundings. For example, if your event is held near the beach, a morning run on the beach will be the perfect addition.

Make sure that your staff is involved with the session as well. This will encourage attendees to be present and will help them engage with them better. It will also help make sure that your staff is refreshed and ready for the day.

What to Add

When you are adding an exercise routine to your event, there are many ideas that can be helpful both to you and the people attending the event. Some options, like a 5K run for charity, can even help out the community or a special cause as well.

Yoga is also a popular choice and is relaxing and simple enough for most attendees to be able to participate at some level. For a simple exercise program, hiking is also a fantastic option. Some have even found hiring a personal trainer to set up a variety of wellness opportunities throughout the event can be beneficial.


Exercising can awaken the mind and the body and help prepare your attendees for the day ahead. By incorporating a touch of wellness to your event, you will be able to keep the needs of your attendees in mind and make sure that they are ready to receive what you have to offer to them.

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