Weddings require incredible preparation and work. However, when that special day comes, it’s all worth it. One of the last things for people to consider when planning their weddings is the wedding send off. This is what people either present or throw on you as you walk/run to the car after the ceremony is over. A traditional thing people have used is rice. However, as the five examples below will show, there are many more exciting alternatives out there.

Chinese Lanterns

Also known as floating lanterns, these are lightweight paper lanterns that contain a candle. When lit, the candle causes the lantern to lift before the entire thing burns up into ashes. Chinese lanterns can create a surreal experience, as well as symbolize the hopes, dreams, and wishes your loved ones have for your relationship. Either way, it looks amazing.


Being a time of joy, why not have some fun? A number of couples have gone with bubbles for their send off ideas. Bubbles can bring a light and fun end to a serious day, allowing all involved a moment to simply enjoy the experience and play.


A replacement for confetti, showering the couple with leaves is catching on. This is especially true for couples that are getting married in the autumn, as well as those who are eco conscious. Leaves can be gathered beforehand and carefully sifted through to remove twigs and anything else that may have gotten in. Or, you can have every guest prepare his or her own bag of leaves if you are so inclined.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a fun alternative to the more traditional send off ideas. Glow sticks are relatively inexpensive, easy to pass around, and easy to store. They are the perfect way to end a wedding happening at night. The swirl of color visually emphasizes the excitement people have over the wedding, making any newly married couple feel like rock stars.

Paper Air Planes

The paper air plane is an excellent send off idea that can last the entire course of the wedding. When people arrive, one of their thank you gifts can be instructions on how to build a paper airplane, as well as its role in the wedding. When the send off comes, everyone gets to throw their paper airplanes in front of the newly married couple, sending them off in style.


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