It’s not that introverts require more work than extroverts, in order to draw out and benefit from their talents. The truth of the matter is that introverts are generally not difficult to compel to contribute their skills. It simply requires a different approach from what you might do with an extrovert. This is true in the office, and this is certainly something you can do at events.

Introverts can bring immeasurable value to a team or event. You just have to understand what you’re dealing with. That means understanding how introverts generally function, and how this definition applies to events and similar situations.

How To Draw Out Introverts At Events

Our corporate culture tends to reward the employees who are outgoing. This is fine for the extroverts, but what about those who identify as introverts? What about those who do not know or even believe they are introverts, but clearly display some of the signs associated the personality type? These people should not be forgotten in the corporate world. They certainly shouldn’t be disregarded at events. No one is saying you have to suddenly start ignoring the extroverts. We’re simply saying that the time has come to expand your reach to include those who do not respond to things that generally work with extroverts.

The initial problem with introverts is to figure out a way to draw them out that takes into account their particulars. The typical introvert is going to be someone who tries to avoid noise, any interruption, or settings that involve large groups of people. Obviously, events include all of these things to some degree, so the challenge is to think of ways in which to draw the introvert out in the most productive fashion possible. Avoid forcing the introvert to engage in small talk. This is one thing you can do. Try to create situations in which the introvert works with small groups, which is something you can in fact do at an event. Allow the introvert to take advantage of opportunities that value thinking/reacting over having to speak. Finally, give introverts plenty of time to recharge their social batteries. Many introverts can function to one degree or another at an event. The challenge on your end is to come up with an approach to bringing out their talents that will allow them to deal with the situation to a degree that maintains your comfort. The value of taking this seriously can wind up being immense.

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