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We invite you to submit a post. Submitting a post will not result in publication. We reserve the right to publish the content we feel is better suited to the blog content. For detailed information, you can contact our partner at where professional writers often write articles for us.

In order to increase the chances of being featured we suggest you adhere to the following…


  • Content must be original. We will carefully search for the content you submit across the web. If your content is present somewhere else on the web, it won’t be published on Events Uncovered TV. We require exclusivity of the content you provide, meaning the content won’t appear anywhere else in the same form you provided it to us.
  • You are not a vendor.
  • Guest posts are reserved to event professionals, consultants, writers, companies and event service providers.
  • Content must not have more than 3 links. Please make sure to include all the relevant links (possibly in HTML format), links to pictures (you must own the pictures you submit with the post, we won’t be held responsible for any misdemeanour or right violation).
  • Tone of voice must be non-promotional. Provide the list of tools or discussing news and keep a neutral perspective.
  • Links back to your blog. Please do not over link back to your blog, Excessive linking will be penalised.
  • All posts submitted will be subjected to editing. We won’t heavily edit your post, but we will make sure it is in line with the Events Uncovered content and maximize for success.
  • Please reply to one or more of those questions with no more than 700 words.
    Please feel free to swap, change, delete or add any question!
  • Please send:
    – At least 3 photos that go well with the blog
    – Include any studies, numbers, data and percentages to add value to the article
    – A 50 words bio (of the writer, and headshot of the writer (or logo of the company)

How to Submit Your Content

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