• What’s the “#WeddingHashtagWall”?

Wedding Hashtag Wall offers couples the opportunity to display an Instagram slideshow live at their wedding. The slideshow gets photos directly from Instagram and shows all pictures tagged with your wedding hashtag.

WeddingHashtagWall is a fun and interactive way to capture your wedding from every angle. It will show all the special photos that your friends and family are taking of your wedding day using a real-time display. Just have a glimpse on your wall to catch up on the highlights from your guests – and it’s also a great conversation starter for everyone attending.

  • How does it work?

WeddingHashtagWall works very simple and is easy to use for all your wedding guests. First thing you do is choose a hashtag that is unique for you. Weddinghashtagwall.com offers you a tool that is used already for thousands of times to generate your unique wedding hashtag and the good part is, it is FREE. Checkout their free Wedding Hashtag generator and get yours!

Now you have your hashtag, start communicating this to your guests and let them start posting pictures on Instagram with the hashtag, what’s next? Wedding Hashtag Wall allows you show the best Instagram pictures live on a big screen. All photos posted to instagram by your guests with your unique hashtag will be shown in your wall. Watch the demo of the Instagram slideshow HERE.

  • When should the “#WeddingHashtagWall” be announced / introduced to the guests?

There are 5 key moments to announce your “#WeddingHashtagWall” to your guests.

  1. Spread the news on social media

Send it with your very first Save the Date message and fire up your guest’s creativity by letting everyone know you are incorporating social media in your wedding.

  1. Put it on your Invitations

Communicate your hashtag in your wedding invitations and even consider writing down what your goal is for the hashtag

  1. At Pre-Wedding events

Be sure to have an Instagram sign (poster) at Pre-Wedding events and allow your guests to use it. Create your free Instagram Sign HERE.

  1. In your own posts

When posting online regarding anything that has to do with your wedding, of course make sure you use the hashtag yourself!

  1. At your Wedding Party

Now we are at your wedding day; the time you definitely want your guests to use your hashtag. Use the Instagram Sign you have created with their free tool on your special day as well.

  • What happens to all the photos taken during the wedding?

If the photos are on instagram with your unique hashtag, then they will be shown on your live feed displays on your wedding. Showing the feed will encourage to make even more pictures by your guests, so throw away those disposable camera’s and get your live instagram feed!

After your wedding WeddingHashtagWall.com will provide you with a download link to get all photos that are taken on your wedding by friends and family. So you can “re-live” your special day from your guests’ perspective and/or make a nice photo album.

  • What are the benefits of having such a technology at the wedding?

Using a live photo feed of your wedding provides your wedding with some great benefits. For yourself, it’s very nice to catch up on those hidden moments with a glimpse at your Instagram Wedding Wall. For your guests, it’s great to get an impression of the entire day and as a conversation opener on tables. 

Furthemore, your guests will be encouraged to post even more pictures when they see the live images and that means you’ll get an extensive collection of unique wedding photos. Imagine, one guest posts a picture on Instagram and in a matter of minutes, it’s not only on Instagram but it’s live on a big screen. Trust me, everyone will want to have their own one minute of fame.

You can order and learn more about WeddingHashtagWall.com on their website.

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