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April 22,

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TINT! I had a chat with Tim Sae Koo and he explained why TINT should be at your events.

What is TINT?

TINT is a simple, self-service platform that helps event planners display social media content on their website, TV screens, and projector walls in minutes for the purpose of creating a deeper relationship with their audiences.

How does it engage audiences?

TINT helps event planners engage their audiences by displaying the content their audiences create right on their website, TV screens, and projector walls around their venue. When people see their posts on the displays, they appreciate the recognition for the content they created, thus feeling more connected with the brand.

How does TINT pull user generated and branded content into one place?

TINT connects with all the social networks in one easy interface. So all you have to do is connect the necessary pages/accounts/hashtags in our platform, and we will aggregate the appropriate content in one place for you to then design, moderate, and display anywhere you want.

How do you increase participation and reach? 

Event planners have coupled TINT with hashtag contests to increase participation and reach. When you add an incentive for people to use your hashtag (like “Win tickets to next year’s event by tweeting your favorite part of the event”), people will join in the hashtag conversation because there is little friction in participating and they want to show up on the wall for their 15 seconds of fame. Every person who participates is marketing for you by sharing that tweet out to their thousands of followers, increasing your brand’s reach.

How do you measure success?

We provide analytics to measure ROI and success of your TINT investment. We show such metrics as total social impressions, # of posts you received, who were your influential contributors, and much more. TINT can help increase # of posts shared and help you converse with your audiences who used your hashtag to create that relationship and help them convert to your future brand evangelists.

To get in touch with TINT, go to http://tintup.com


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