The event industry is being transformed and reshaped by technology and innovative new trends. This article will examine some of the upcoming trends and look at how technology is changing the event industry. If you’re an event planner, keep reading for tips that could be instructive to you in your occupation.

Trends & Technology In The Event Industry

#1. Event Organizers Will Look To Integrated Solutions

As technology continues to play a more dominant role inside the event industry, customers will have a lot higher expectations of seamlessness and service. They will expect event organizers to provide seamless solutions for registration, directions, mobile apps, and audience surveying.

#2. Using A Mobile App For Every Stage Of The Event

This trend relates to the trend above. A mobile app can certainly go a long way toward providing an integrated solution. Some mobile apps are billed to handle it all when it comes to events. Mobile apps came in to the event planning industry awhile back, but they are continuing to get more robust and give event organizers a competitive edge over others who are not using them. Apps can take care of virtually everything, from user interaction to promotion to seating distribution to helping attendees with registration and check-in.

#3. Windows Phone Will Play An Increasing Role In Event Planning

Blackberry is out, but corporate IT departments aren’t gravitating toward Android and iOS as much as Google and Apple would like. Corporate IT departments might think that they pose too high of a security risk, and they will look to Windows Phone as a good alternative choice. So, there will be a move on the part of event app makers to cater to Windows Phone.

#4. Social Seating Will Become The New Thing

Social media offers limitless opportunities to optimize your special event. One way it does that is through the possibility of social seating, which is not a really new concept, but it is one that you should take advantage of if you haven’t already.

Social seating is basically assigning seats based on the personality similarities and guest preferences of your attendees. They will express these kinds of things on their social media profiles such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The guests at your events are not just there to watch and listen, but to network. They will definitely appreciate it if you can seat them in a way that is great for networking.