There are several ways to speed up guest check-in at events. Why should you do things the old way? If you’re an event manager or promoter, you can put some of the following tactics and strategies to use to speed up event check-in dramatically.

Not only will your attendees appreciate shorter lines and faster entry, but you’ll have more time to focus on really important event-related tasks. Depending on which methods you employ, you could also get better data about your attendees.

Event Check-Ins Could Be A Lot Easier

Event check-ins could be a lot faster, easier, and simpler – but too many event organizers are living in the past. A new wave of apps is changing everything when it comes to event check-in. A new class of mobile apps (some of which use QR codes) have proven much more effective than the old way of doing things.

The data gleaned from these apps can be used to help event promotion and management in the future. If you’re an event manager, then having all this data digitized can make your events more successful in the future. That translates to saved dollars and happier vendors. Event attendees that are already plugged into your app ecosystem will show up as repeat visitors, and you can also see who never attends.

Some New Buzz-worthy Apps

Let’s take a look at an app that’s generating a lot of buzz.

Event Check-In

Event Check-in is an app for iPad that lets event organizers create a guest list, check in those guests at the event, and then analyze the event attendee information afterwards. Digitizing event attendance and check-in can give you valuable data, and it is easy to export that data and work that into your event management business records.

This app can be used for everything from managing event attendance and registration to attendee data collection.

The app is also scalable. The Event Check-in app can be used on several iPads to cover several points of entry. The best part is that all the iPads will sync, almost in real-time, so the entire event staff will know who’s arrived.

Another app that’s been getting some buzz is CheckInEasy from Certain.


CheckInEasy was created by real event planners that were tired of checking in guests the old-fashioned way. Instead of using a printed Excel file and a highlighter to check in guests, you should try this app. Checking in guests the old way is slow, unprofessional, and sloppy. The team at CheckInEasy spent over a year making the app.