NiceMeeting is a browser-based service, extremely useful for attendees, speakers/presenters and event planners.

Attendees can:

• Check presentations on their smart phones and tablets and flip back and forth through slides adding notes and saving them on their devices or to a cloud based service

• Ask presenters questions without waiting for the microphone

• Interact and network with other attendees

• Upload, share and exchange files and information with each other from their phones or the Internet

• Vote and leave live feedbacks instantly

• Have access to the event handouts

• Identify each other and start conversations-as personal profiles can be set up in seconds

Presenters/Speakers can:

• Use it to conduct easy and interactive polling- whenever they want to ask a question, they do and questions pop up on attendees’ screens

• Have the results of the polls to be displayed on attendees’ screens and/or the main event screen (this can help engage with interactivity)

• Record and store results for analytics

• Ask questions and answer them at their leisure, after or integrating them into their speech

• Take advantage of the “backstage” area, which allow them to share a file while the audience is watching another one

Event Planners can:

• Upload registration lists and give access to the ‘event’ just to registered attendees or leave it open

• Upload important information that can be easily accessed in digital format

• Upload sponsors and advertisers information giving sponsors an alternative and new option for placing advertising

• Organise events anywhere and everywhere-as presentations can be shown on handset there is not need for big screens

• Allow speakers to upload and edit presentations or content at the very last minute in seconds

In addition NiceMeeting ‘Create a paperless event and organiser-friendly approach to distributing supplementary material’.

Also, as networking is one of the key aspects why attendees go to events, it is important, as an event planner, to make sure we support such interaction and use any tools available to us.

Have you used NiceMeeting before? Do you use anything else? What other tools you find useful for engagement and interaction?