09 Jul 2022
July 9, 2022

Fresh Sponsorship Ideas

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When it comes to sponsorship ideas the traditional show directory, signs, and banners all still have a place. However, there are some fresh new ideas that should be considered as well. Many show organizers are looking for new ways to bolster their offers by helping companies impress their audiences. Here are a few fresh sponsorship ideas to consider.


Event apps are a great thing for a company to support. Some of the sponsorship ideas are for the splash page, which is the page that the app opens up on. There can be sponsorships for other functions of the app as well such as the show schedules, the map, etc. Sponsors could also buy banner ads that will appear in different areas of the app.

One of the reasons that sponsors like apps is because they will be able to see how many users saw the app and how many clicked through on their app.

Interactive Walls

Another new way to draw crowds at events is through display walls. One of the most innovative is the graffiti wall that was created by 3D Media Group. This wall allows up to 4 people at a time to create artwork and messages electronically. The images that are created can be printed on the spot, which extends the marketing opportunity further.

Another option is a video wall from PSAV. This works similar to an iPad and is available in several sizes, up to 11 feet high. It is equipped with 32 touch points that may be used to display games, presentations, maps, schedules, and more. Each of these can be sponsored.

Each of the walls can display a sponsor’s name and logo digitally as well.

Charging Stations

Charging stations get a lot of attention no matter how big or small the event. These stations are typically in great demand as everyone needs a place to charge their device at some point or another. A potential sponsor will know that a charging station is a well-used source and will recognize how having their name on one of these could be extremely beneficial. There are several firms that rent out kiosks that can used during your event.

It is important to note that if you are using charging stations at your event, make sure that you post a sign that you are not liable for any devices that are left unattended.


Charges for Wi-Fi can really add up for event planners. Finding a sponsor for Wi-Fi can be extremely beneficial. The company that sponsors the Wi-Fi will be rewarded with their name showing up on the login page. In addition, at the event a chip or paper that has the login information on it can include the logo for the sponsoring company as well.

There are many great ways to get sponsors for an event. Companies realize the importance of having their brand splashed around an event. While regular signs and banners are still effective, technology has created many great new ways to get spon