If you are planning an event there are many things to consider. The center pieces for the event can consist of many different things. One of the great ways to make your center pieces stand out is to use ice sculptures.

Ice can be sculpted into almost any shape that you can imagine. The sculptures also can vary in size. You can use a sculpture that is smaller in size as center pieces for your table tops. Larger sculptures can be used throughout the room for decoration. These ice sculptures can be crafted to suit the theme of your event. While the ice will melt over time, the people that attend the event will remember these great sculptures.

What are they used for?

Ice sculptures can be used for different types of events. A smaller ice sculpture that measures from 12” to 17” is typically used for center pieces. They can replace traditional flower arrangements or be used along with flowers. A medium sized sculpture of about 20” to 30” is commonly used for buffet center pieces in boats, homes, and for small parties. A larger sculpture can be anywhere from 36” to 60” and are typically used for a major event. They can be placed on buffet tables or as focal points in the room.

Another option is a bigger than life sculpture made out of ice. These can be displayed on the floor and have lights illuminating them from below. Many of these giant ice sculptures are typically used for big promotional events such as concerts, new product introductions, and grand openings. These sculptures can range from six to 30 feet tall.

How long will the Ice Sculpture Last?

Most ice sculptures will last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours if they are inside. If the ice sculpture is used outside it will not last as long. When displaying an ice sculpture outside it is recommended that you find a place in the shade to display it so that it is not sitting in direct sunlight. The ice of the sculpture will melt proportionally so it will retain the silhouette for your entire event. At normal room temperatures the sculpture will shrink at a rate of about an inch each hour.

Maintaining an Ice Sculpture

The ice sculpture is going to melt no matter what if it is kept in a room of an average temperature. There is no real way to slow down the melting process if the room is going to be kept at a comfortable temperature for you and your guests. Ice sculptures can be kept from melting if displayed in a room that is kept at 32-degrees Fahrenheit. Ice sculptures can also be kept outside in freezing temperatures.

One of the most beautiful things about using an ice sculpture at your event is that it is perishable and the only people that will get to view it and enjoy it are the ones that attend the event.

Have you used them? What do you think of ice sculptures?