20 Aug 2014
August 20, 2014

How to Promote your Event with Videos

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If pictures are worth a thousand words, how many are videos worth? Could using a video increase the number of attendees at an event? It is a definite possibility.

Online videos are quickly becoming an important tool for communication. Videos allow a connection with members, prospects, and customers. While there is nothing that can take the place of a face to face meeting, online videos sure offer the next best thing.

Many small businesses and organizations are starting to realize how valuable online video is becoming for their event marketing. Inexpensive video equipment is more common, which makes it quite easy to create videos. The best part is that you can set up an account with YouTube and upload them for free.

Here are a few tips for creating online videos for your next event promotion.

Be authentic and Tell a Story

When you are communicating through video, make sure that you are transparent and real. You need to be yourself.

One of the best things to do is to tell a story with your video. Think about the goal of your event and how the video can help you obtain this goal. Share the story of your organization, a case study, or a testimonial from a customer. Videos offer a great way to educate the attendees about a new product or service that you are offering or information about your mission.

Attendee Interviews

You can engage the people that are attending your event by speaking with them during and after the event to get their reactions. Ask them questions to spark relevant and interesting conversations about your event. You can then create a video to post from the responses.

While at the event make sure that you capture different moments from the training and educational sessions, any of the fundraising activities, or just the people interacting with each other at the event. All of this is perfect for your video promotion.

Call to Action

You want to use the videos in order to help maintain interest and momentum once the event is complete. When you post the videos make sure that you link them to other communications that take place after the event, such as thank you emails, Facebook posts, and tweets.

You will want to include a call to action in your video as well. Tell your viewers to follow you on Facebook or Twitter. Encourage the viewers to sign up for your email list. You will also want to mention any of your upcoming events and encourage viewers to attend.

Keep it Short

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when you are creating a video is to make sure that you keep it short. No one has the time or patience to watch a 10 minute video about your event. If you make your video too long, people are simply not going to watch it all. A good video should be between a minute and a minute and a half long.