03 Dec 2014
December 3, 2014

Make Your Event Memorable Yet Chic

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Planning events of any kind, whether it is formal or casual, still needs a lot of things to do and consider. Hence, event organizers could make their event planning less stressful through the integration of the modern technology that everything can come simple so as to provide more convenience to man.

Read on below to find products which can prove to be helpful in organizing an event.

The Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is a product that ensures the convenience and easy management of touch screen gadgets such as cell phones and iPads by the users. This is actually a stylus pen which comes handy in managing controls and commands or anything that the user wants to do in his cell phone. Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is guaranteed to be high-tech that unlike other products, this stylus is made to catch signals from the gadget and rebroadcasting the narrow signal field to a wider scope all by itself. Hence, this is very useful in managing contacts especially in handling preparations for an event.

The SoleSensor of Scanalytics lets you see the range of movement of the people’s feet as well as monitor how much space can be occupied. This latest form of technology allows you to have a floor which has sensors which in turn can detect the activities being done by the people. Having this product lets you manage and determine how big a space you will need for the event you’re planning to conduct.

Sli.do is an interactive tool which is very much convenient to use in events where everyone are encouraged to participate such as meetings, panel discussions and the likes. Sli.do lets leaders of the events empower their audience by actually giving the chance to voice out their ideas without the hassle of taking one person at a time to speak in front of the public. Plus, Sli.do allows for more interaction while still having the control of the event.

One of the best things that Socialtables can give is that it lets organizers conveniently plan seating arrangements without actually drawing drafts or other plans. By virtually managing seating plans, time and effort are being conserved.

Among the most important tools especially in business related events is being able to present visual analytics of one’s reports. Hence, Bear Analytics specializes in providing a flow of data visualization to the audience through their use of the storing, analyzing and visualizing your information in a cloud.

Topi app is a valuable tool in connecting to a lot more people and inviting them in your event. This is customizable and can connect to people that are even outside your range of acquaintances. With its geo-fencing and beacon features, you are allowed to share GPS-based sign-in for one and connect to people across the globe.

Loopd is a special technological creation which allows organizers and even the participants of an event to interact more closely with one another. Powered by Bluetooth, location-tracking for each attendee and easy communication with each other are made possible.

Certain Inc. now features another helpful tool in event organizing. It lets organizers collect securely the signatures of the attendees or participants for certain purposes such attendance, gift receiving and such.

Siftables makes participants more involved by displaying graphics on the top surface of their computers which can sense each other and their activity that lead to hands-on interactions together with digital media and information.