Event apps, social media, and other elements of technology are not likely to disappear from the events industry anytime soon. And it goes without saying that the bigger the event, the more elaborate the technology is going to be.

It’s true that you want everyone at your event to get what they need. It’s also true that utilizing technology to organize your event, maintain order at your event, and allow people to connect to one another and to events/products with technology are all important matters. Any event that wants to be taken seriously is going to need to at least look at the value of those things, before, during, and certainly after their own event

But can events have too much technology? If you take a look at some of the biggest items of note in the events industry, and then you compare those events to examples of the smaller guys trying to catch up, you’re going to find that things seem a little chaotic. It seems like there are too many apps, too many ways to integrate social media and other aspects of technology with the particulars of an event. Those who notice this make the claim that technology is overwhelming the things they are supposed to assist.

Is this indeed the case? How do you feel about it?

Technology And The Events Industry

In the end, whether or not an event is utilizing too much technology comes down to what the event organizers want to achieve, and who they’re reaching out to. Technology can enhance the relationship between the event organizers, the attendees, the industry experts, the media, and everyone else who might in attendance.

When that technology becomes extraneous, or distracts in any meaningful way from the relationships that are supposed to create and support an event in the first place, something is wrong. Up to a certain point, the technology avenues available to event planners can be tremendously useful in creating interactive opportunities for attendees, connecting the event to the larger world, allowing the media and others to share their experiences, and so much more. Once these needs have honestly been satisfied, anything else is just going to distract.

It is up to the event planners for any event to consider carefully which elements of technology are available that can help their event succeed. They would then counter this search with the understanding that after a certain point, everything else is just going to be unnecessary.

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