Events industry experts find themselves on the road a great deal. Between airplane and car travel, you’re looking at a considerable part of how they spend their time. They are required to move across the crowded landscape of the events industry, report on their findings and interactions, and make their way to the next big show.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things available to the weary traveler that can make their travels a lot easier, particularly on airplanes.

How To Make Travel Easier

If you’re spending a lot of time on airplanes, then you already know some of these horror story examples associated with flight:

  • People who are trying to force you into a conversation you just don’t want to have.
  • People who are trying to force their romantic interests on you.
  • Couples who sit in the window and aisle seats, leaving you stuck with the middle seat.
  • Someone who tries to steal arm space.
  • Someone who tries to steal leg space.
  • Someone who tries to steal your seat!
  • People who bring smelly food on the plane, or people who are smelly themselves.
  • Screaming children.
  • Bare feet that aren’t on the floor.
  • People who make jokes, drink too much, or engage in any kind of behavior that can’t potentially cause a flight to be delayed.

All of these possibilities haunt the events industry expert.

Thankfully, there are a variety of solutions available. These won’t make your flight flawless, but they should help to ease your burden to a certain degree:

  • Packing app: Great for those who have to travel throughout the year. A packing app will tell you what to pack based on the season, where you’re going, what type of trip it is, and other elements.
  • Transportation checker: With this type of app, you’re never going to take a travel option for granted. This app will tell you the best way to get where you want to go.
  • Data tracker: Use this app to keep track of your data, which can become subject to the rules concerning national or international travel. If you’re in danger of hitting your limit for roaming, this app will let you know.
  • Multi-Purpose pillow: A 2-in-1 pillow allows you to have a contoured neck pillow as needed, or a regular pillow for sleeping or easy lumbar support.
  • Book light: Modern book lights are now designed to work with both e-books and regular books.
  • Stick-On whiteboards: By far, less expensive and easier to carry around than traditional whiteboards.

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