What to Include on a Dessert Table?

There are many things that you can include on your dessert table. Here are our recommendations:

  • Add a focal point. All tables must have an interesting decorative focal point to pop;
  • Think about possibly incorporating your wedding colors;
  • Offer a plethora of tempting and tasty treats. Cake is a classic choice. So, too, is the favorite dessert of the couple or both partners;
  • Try unique and fun dishes and labels for eat treat;
  • Incorporate a tablecloth and backdrop, if you would like.

Possible Themes and Ideas

Your themes and ideas can run parallel to your wedding or event theme. Or it can complement the place where you are having your wedding. For instance, if having an outdoor beach wedding, think about creating a sea themed table. A farm wedding might call for a southern or country themed table. If in a church, you might want to go for something that is a bit more floral, incorporating your wedding colors. If you and your partner are from different cultures, places, or religious traditions, think about using your table as a way to display and even fuse together popular dishes from each of your traditions.

Serving Dish Ideas

Feel free to experiment with serving dishes on your dessert tables. One of the classic go-to dishes is that of a tiered dish for cake. Or a large platter or cake stand for tall, tiered cakes. The sky is truly the limit, here. You can use canisters, jars, cups, bowls, vases, and plates of various shapes and sizes. Think about mixing up your serving dishes on the table. We especially love when clear glass is used for things like brightly colored candies. Some things, though, like cupcakes, might be better presented on a platter.

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