Timo is the CEO and a founding member of Catchbox, the World’s First Throwable Microphone. His ambition is to make events more engaging and fun for audiences around the world. With a background in product development, manufacturing, and disruptive technologies, Timo wants to change the way audiences interact and discuss at events. Timo has shared his knowledge on why traditional ways of interacting between audiences and speakers don’t work too well, about the tools available, what used to be the reason for attending events, breaking the ice and fun ways of using the catchbox.
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Catchbox is an award-winning event technology provider and the developer of the soft, throwable microphone for audience engagement. Designed to be thrown into the audience, It’s a fast, simple and effective alternative to traditional stick microphones. To date, the Catchbox engages audiences around the world with reputable clients ranging from large AV integrators & venues, to international event agencies & event planners.

Check out Catchbox: www.getcatchbox.com

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