Events cost money. It takes a lot of planning, innumerable man-hours and a ton of resources. If such an event fails to engage its audience, then the whole endeavor is completely futile. Gone are the days when organizers would present an event and the attendees would be mute spectators. If you are expecting or even satiated with such an audience and the mellowing applause in the end, then the objective of your events needs to be reviewed.
Today, events need to have audience participation because that is the only way to ensure everyone attending the event remembers what was presented. When an audience is engaged and participates in an event, it is likely that the same audience would talk about the event and share their experiences with others. An event is a marketing endeavor and unless people talk about the event, that objective is not accomplished.

Fortunately, events can be pepped up with technology and there are various technical solutions that can effectively facilitate audience engagement.


Audiovisual presentations, use of different kinds of software and hardware to woo the audience are traditional approaches. While these conventional practices should not be done away with, as they are integral to an event, what a company must also do is endorse and use apps. Mobile applications can be the difference between a bland event and a happening one.

  • Imagine using mobile apps for invitations, to set agendas of the event, to send schedules or even tips pertaining to what the attendees must do. There can be hourly guides, programming updates and event registration can certainly be at the crux of it. From initiating the messaging when the event has been finalized till after the event, mobile apps are handy.
  • Mobile apps can be used for live correspondence. Suppose, a topic is being discussed and a speaker is presenting his views or perhaps there is a panel of experts sharing their opinions. Such a discussion can also invite audience responses. There can be comments or remarks through mobile apps. Polls and contests can be organized through these apps. The audience can vote, participate in debates or discussions, may put forth questions and may even influence the course of a discussion if it is relevant.

Technology can make a world of difference when it comes to engaging an audience at events. Without this engagement, events would just be another inconsequential commitment or be just another entry on the to-do list at the discretion of attendees.

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