Not many people are as obsessed with business cards as Patrick Bateman was in American Psycho. But the truth is everyone wants an amazing business card. Business cards may not have to be perfect but they should be ideal. What’s perfect or ideal for you may not be for someone else. Hence, there is no generic way or a surefire mantra to have the finest business cards. What you can do is follow these steps to get the best business cards you can get. It is also very important for a professional to have good recommendation letters, cv, or presentations. If you need qualified help from our writers, please contact the custom essays service

The Basics

Always start with the basics. Your business card needs to have your name, your company name, job title, a logo or trademark if your company has one and the contact details must be mentioned. Contact details include email, phone number, website address and the address of your office. Mobile numbers are optional. Zip codes are also optional if your office is at a prominent place. If the address is too long and it cramps up the space on your business cards, then you can do away with it.


No matter what kind of font or style and color you choose, never compromise on readability. Consider the possibility that people will be in various lighting conditions when they get your business cards and thus any fancy style or font that makes reading difficult should be avoided. One look at your card and the name, company, designation, website or email should be very apparent.

The size of business cards should ideally be smaller than the smallest compartment in an average male wallet. Large business cards are very difficult to carry. You want your business cards to be carried by the people you give them to.

A Few Tips

You can opt for certain special features. Your business cards can use Braille script at the back, which is a very nice touch. You may opt for embossing for the card to have a certain texture. You may also opt for QR codes or something similar which looks quite cool nowadays.

Use color only if your brand logo, nature of business or your company philosophy permits it. Companies that make sophisticated products or offers very high end services often don’t use any colors. But if marketing companies or designers don’t use any colors, it can be inappropriate. Don’t opt for very high contrasts or very bright colors. Subtle use of colors is preferable.

Don’t have borders on business cards. They serve no purpose. Do not opt for very thick cards but don’t have paper thin cards either. Opt for durable materials. You don’t need to have very expensive paper but the quality of printing should be good. The card should not fade over time. The writings should be permanent and the texture should remain unaffected at slight misuse or after general wear and tear.

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