Creativity is a hyped term. Once upon a time, people were truly creative. They perceived the nature and the world around them to come up with genuinely original thoughts and interpretations. Today, most of what we do or whatever ideas we conceive are almost always derived from what we have learned. That is what institutionalized education does to you. Hence, if you are waiting for that eureka moment, then you have to take the unconventional route, you need to shed all the baggage and then reinvent the way you think.

Here are three ways you can get closer to your eureka moment.

  • First, start thinking inside the box. There is too much talk about thinking outside the box. Well, that outside the box is so vast that anyone can get lost and may not come up with even one good idea. When you think inside the box, you are compelled to think within limits. You cannot be flexible. You don’t have much room and you will look for smart ways of getting over a problem. This quest will make you creative. Imagine writing poetry in iambic pentameter. Your freedom will be curtailed and that would compel you to find better ways to express your thought in the restricted meter. You will find better words for a phrase, a better simile or symbolism that you did not even know was possible. Apply this approach to anything and any line of work. Whether you are planning an event or just trying to conceive a marketing strategy, think inside the box and you will be forced to be creative.
  • Team work is easily one of the most chaotic ways to be creative. And yet, it is very rewarding. Listen to everyone in the company, entrust everyone with the job of coming up with one good idea and although chances are that you would get trash, there is a possibility of that one good idea that you can use. All you need is that one idea. You don’t need a basket.
  • Look for solution when there can be none. When you speak to people not associated with your industry, they cannot really shed any light on the issues you have to deal with but speak with them nonetheless. They may make casual remarks and would draw parallels to what they know in an attempt to relate to your issues. And this comparison, drawing parallels and futile blabbering can create the foundation for a creative solution.
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