There are many things that go into events but it is important to consider the corporate social responsibility of the meeting or the lecture that you’re hosting. This is commonly referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line” because it includes your impact on people, planet, and profit. With the ability to build CSR events into your events you’ll be hosting the same type of engagement as before but with more benefits that everyone can take advantage of.

Transportation and Accommodations

Take a moment to think about the people who are going to be attending your event. Is the meeting space in a location that everyone has to drive to? Are there hotels, motels, or inns in the area? Transportation and accommodation are important to consider in terms of corporate social responsibility for people and for the planet. Choosing a meeting space that is easily accessible by public transportation or designating shuttles to take your attendees to and from the meeting space is essential for convenience and reducing the environmental impact of vehicles. You may also want to consider choosing a space that is in or near hotels and motels so that attendees can book a room and walk to the venue instead of needing a car.

Picking the Right Venue

There are possibly hundreds of potential venues in your area but in order to implement a CSR strategy you need to find a venue that looks after your attendees and the environment meanwhile offering affordable services. Your chosen space should have recycling policies and refrain from the use of toxic chemicals for maintenance purposes. In some cases you may be able to find a selection of “green venues” that may include recycled materials for your event and reusable products. Energy efficient lighting and air conditioning are two other factors to take into consideration.

Environmentally Friendly Food and Beverages

Every meeting requires some type of food and beverages, whether it’s simply water and muffins or if it includes sandwich and cheese platters. Try to make sure that whatever you are providing is environmentally friendly such as providing refillable water bottles instead of distributing regular bottles. You can also print your company name/logo on the reusable bottles as a form of marketing. When it comes to choosing a menu, try to use locally grown produce and seasonal items that are found on local farms in the area.

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