16 Feb
February 16,

I have been Kintish-ed

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What an informative seminar I attended on Thursday the 12th February. Will Kintish presented ‘How to become a confident and effective networker’ which was held in Central London. Will kindly invited me to his course where he explained the basic and principles of networking.

A part from listing the reasons why we network, like meeting potential suppliers, get known by others, make new friends, meet key people and decision makers, he explained what it takes to be a great networker.

He gave plenty of ideas and tips on how to prepare and plan for an event, how to work the room, whom to approach, what type of questions to ask, how to spot an opportunity and why follow-ups are so important. Did you know there were 6 actions anyone can take after receiving an invitation? Do you know in which side you should place your badge?

He also introduced us to a step-by-step process on what to do, from when we receive an invitation to when we meet our prospect.

He started off by giving us theory but then he made us practice. I found this particularly helpful as he physically showed us why we should approach certain people and/or avoid certain groups.

What to take away? Well, a part from 2 pocket size booklets on the ‘top tips’ and on ‘how to be in control when working the room’, there are 5 key messages I have certainly taken away:

  1. Don’t sell
  2. An important reason to network is to reinforce existing relationship
  3. Spot the ‘Ahaa’ moment
  4. What are RUF, KLT, SHINE and who’s TED
  5. How to work the room

I really enjoyed Will’s seminar. There were a lot of tips shared and a lot to learn, but his funny, honest, relaxed style made it easy.

  • Funny: I kept laughing, joking about himself, about us, about things, about places
  • Honest: under promise and over deliver
  • Relaxed: this didn’t feel like training and time flew by

If you haven’t been Kintish-ed, I most definitely recommend his seminars. Check here for more info: http://www.kintish.co.uk/

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