When a certain audience attends too many events in a year, the experience becomes quite mundane and often uninteresting. Most events have the same vibe and there is a certain norm that most organizers or hosts adhere to. While breaking the norm or trying something completely out of the world may be a tad risky, making some smart changes or inculcating something as fascinating as art can be a welcome development.

Most events lack spice.

Organizers often try to meet certain expectations. Those expectations are based on preset perceptions and the traditional way an event plays out is seldom interesting to avid or regular attendees. Most events lack spice because there is nothing new. Keynote addresses, stalls, workshops and seminars; various such activities that have now become customary seldom captivates an audience. There is a reason why live polls, interactive sessions and similar activities are becoming popular today.

Fortunately, any event can be spiced up with some art.

Art in its myriad forms!

Art can be a great unifying factor. It can break ice, get conversations started, an artwork can be the centerpiece or the showstopper in an event and it can mesmerize an audience. Art can be used in its myriad forms depending on the nature of the event and the type of the audience. Here are some ideas that you can use.

You can have an artist doing live painting at an event. The live paintings can be of people, the event itself, something related to the industry or the purpose of the event or it could be of something abstract that will entice the audience. Eventually, the painting can be auctioned at the event and there can be something unique to offer to the audience.

Art is not confined to painting alone. You can indulge in dance or songs as well. Everyone likes to be entertained and what better way can you entertain an audience than with a song and dance routine. You can have a dance choreographed in a way that makes it relevant for the event. For instance, if an event is focused on some herbal tea or some herbal product sources from a certain country, then the native dance or custom of that country can be represented through a routine. This will captivate the audience.

Art can be used in interactive forms as well. An audience can be encouraged to write couplets or some prose, there can be an exchange of thoughts on artworks or a certain kind of art and there can be live performances of various kinds. Incorporating art at events can certainly provide the fillip that is so necessary.

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