Hosting an event has two main purposes, to provide something valuable to the event attendees and to increase the revenue that the hosting company is taking in. One of the best ways to ensure that your ROI will be healthier when it comes to hosting your event is to select the right speaker.

All event speakers have their own personal set of experiences and value that they can bring to an event which they are a part of. However, it is crucial that you find the one that is best for your event so that your ROI will be the highest it can possibly be.

What you should look for

When you begin your search for a speaker, there are some specific things that you should be looking for. To begin with, look for a speaker that is willing to spend some extra time learning about your goals and the goals of your company.

The speaker should be able to customize their presentations around the goals that you have set in place and the specific needs that are important to your company. They should also be able to provide a presentation that offers a process that can easily be followed by attendees. Attendees should have all the tools and techniques needed to implement the items that were discussed in the presentation.

You should also make sure that you speaker has direct knowledge of the industry that they are making a presentation for. Having experience of working directly in the industry can be a huge benefit to the attendees of your event.

What you should be Aware of

There are also some things that you should watch out for when you are selecting your speaker for your event. Some speakers will look more at your event as though it were a transaction. These are the speakers that you should attempt to avoid. Instead, look for a speaker who displays a genuine interest in your event and the goals you have set in place.

Likewise, you should avoid speakers who are more interested in what they are receiving from your event rather than what they can offer to you. Some speakers may be interested in developing their career or having a platform to promote their own products. Instead, your speaker should be solely focused on what they can bring to your event.


Watch out for professional speakers who tend to offer the same speech at every event that they attend. If your attendees have seen a specific speaker before, they may be less likely to attend due to the fear that they will be hearing the same lecture again.

There are many different types of speakers that you can bring in for your event. However, some will bring more value when it comes to ROI than others. Event planners should spend the time necessary to find the right speaker that will benefit the attendees the most and help to increase ROI for the company who is putting on the event.

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