With a wedding, anything is possible. If you are holding your wedding in an outdoor venue, then you have countless opportunities for wedding games. Designed to entertain as well as bring people together, wedding games can be tailor made to suit the theme and feel of your wedding. From exciting to traditional, these games can make any wedding truly memorable.

Stylish Games

There are a number of stylish interactive games that you can make use of for your wedding. Most of these games require nothing more then a small grassy field. Bocce ball is a fun game that requires very little. In addition, croquet is seen as a classy game that is fun to play when well dressed. Badminton and even outdoor bowling are additional examples of stylish games that can look great and be fun for everyone involved.

Childish Games

A wedding is the perfect place for people to let lose, relax, and play. There are a number of interactive wedding games that you may have enjoyed when you were a child. Why not relive them now? A miniature golf course for example can provide everyone with a challenge and fun. In addition, blown up versions of classic games can add an extra level of challenge and excitement. Lawn Jenga for example is nothing more then a Jenga game blown up to life size. Lawn tick-tac-toe and even hoola-hoops can make for fun distractions during the day.

Group Games

Group games during a wedding give everyone the opportunity to unwind and have a little bit of fun. Sac races for example is a cheap and funny way to provide some competition. Tug of war between both families is another way to pit people against each other in a bit of fun competition. Either way, group games benefit from having plenty of volunteers and spectators.

Some Final Things to Consider

If you are going to have interactive games in your wedding, then there are two things to consider. The first thing you should consider is time. When during the wedding will people have time to play games? Will it be occuring before the ceremony or after the ceremony? Will someone be orchestrating these games, and will you want to participate? The second major thing to consider is theme. An interactive game will stand out if it doesn’t tie into the theme of your wedding.

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