When planning an event one of the items that you may want to consider are the flowers that are going to be used. Flowers can change the entire atmosphere of an area and are a great addition to any type of decorations. There are pros and cons of using real flowers and silk flowers

Real Flowers

There is just something about real flowers that cannot be matched. Using fresh flowers for your wedding or other event provides something special that silk flowers just cannot provide. There is the smell that only different types of fresh flowers can provide. In addition, the look of a real rose or a live orchid simply cannot be replaced.

While real flowers are simply gorgeous there are some downfalls to using them for your event as well. The cost of real flowers is typically higher than that of silk flowers, especially if the flower is not in season at the time of your event. The other issue of using real flowers is the fact that they will begin to wilt. It is more difficult to save any center pieces or bouquets that are made from real flowers.

Silk Flowers

In the past the silk flowers that were available were simply not as elegant as real flowers. However, over time these fake flowers have evolved and can now be used to create gorgeous works of art. Arrangements made with silk flowers will look like they are made out of real flowers and many even feel like they are real.

There are many benefits of using silk flowers, especially for a wedding or other type of event that you want to have keepsakes for. Silk flower arrangements can be saved forever. The arrangements will look the same 20 years from now as they do on the day of the event.

Silk flowers will typically cost less than using real flowers. However, there are some silk arrangements that end up being just as expensive as using real flowers.

Paper Flowers

One of the best things about using paper to make your flower arrangements is that there are so many different designs that can be utilized. You can fold and twist the paper into many different shapes and sizes. This is a great way to make a unique display for your event.

Paper flower arrangements can be used on their own or along with real and silk flowers to make a truly unique design. Using paper flower arrangements is going to be the cheapest option for decorations for your event. However, one of the biggest problems with using paper is the fact that it tears easily. The decorations can get ruined quite quickly if people are touching them.

Flowers offer a great way to decorate any venue. Real flowers provide a wonderful smell and beauty that is simply stunning. The same look of real flowers can be gotten by using silk flowers with the advantage of the arrangements lasting longer. Paper flowers can be a great option for someone who is on a tight budget.

What’s your views? What do you prefer using? What do your clients normally ask for?

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