After years of living within the claustrophobic cubicles, employees have gotten used to that small world. Often, employees don’t think outside the cubicle, literally. They have become blinkered. The reason why most companies fail to innovate and don’t manage to find solutions to their most pressing problems is because they fail to take a different approach. Years of doing the same things in the same manner using the same mindset has lead to this problem.

While social media may not solve all problems of every company, it can certainly change the way your employees think. For once, they would be able to peep out and look at the world beyond those cubicles. This is necessary if a company wants to stay relevant. Consumers have changed, consumer behavior and buying patterns have changed and even how the consumers communicate and want to be engaged has undergone a massive transformation. It wouldn’t be just archaic but a crime of sorts to not have employees engage on social media.

Social media is not just another platform for communication. Sure, it can be used by employees to stay in sync. Companies can use social media for interdepartmental correspondences and even have staff at different offices interact with one another, delegate specific tasks and can also interact with clients. But more importantly, social media allows employees to know how the customers or clients think. Marketers, event planners, research and development teams, business developers and even customer service reps or compliance departments; they all must use social media to understand their audience.

How the audience speaks, what they are talking about, how they communicate with others, the tone and tenor of their correspondences, their problems and potential solutions; everything can be deciphered by getting actively involved in social media campaigns.

Market analysts can learn more about consumer behavior by reading two hundred relevant tweets than going through two papers of published studies. Event organizers can find the ideal venue with suggestions on social media instead of ransacking a town or city for potential choices. Compliance departments can address an issue with just one proper response. Customer service reps can prevent a public relations disaster with a prompt and proactive resolution to a problem.

The significance of social media has never been put to question but its significance for employees has been understated. From the chief executives to the interns, every employee of a company must be actively involved in social media campaigns.

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