Are online influencers truly as important as some in the events industry seem to think they are? This is a fairly simple question to answer. The value of online influencers is immense, and this value can be felt in a variety of ways. It can most certainly be felt in conventions of all shapes, sizes, and intentions.

In other words, online influencers are tremendously important to the success or failure of your event. However, as you’re going to quickly discover, the answer to that question is a bit more complex than simply saying that they are a necessary component. In order to completely appreciate everything influencers bring to the table, you have to first understand the myriad of reasons that illustrate the singular point of why they are so important in the first place.

Why Online Influencers Are Important

Influencers emphasize listening, giving, collaboration, and flexibility. They are able to bring all of these traits to the world of social media, and there are a variety of ways in which they can use these talents to help generate attention for a brand or an event itself.

Online influencers understand such subjects as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and the seemingly endless combinations that can be used to build an audience, keep that audience hooked, and never lose sight of the ability to make that audience grow. Large brands rely on these influencers, just as much as smaller brands do. The events industry in every possible form relies on the usefulness of online influencers, as well.

Online influencers can utilize their influence in a number of different ways. They will understand hashtags, live-tweet special events, engage their audience (which can consist of other influencers or industry professionals) with conversation, and bring the experience of your event to the masses. They can contribute blog posts, share your products or services with the world, create regular online conversations with relevant individuals in your industry, or even contribute a testimonial.

Obviously, brands are constantly seeking ways in which they can build relationships with people who are clearly influencers, or have the potential to become influencers later on. Event organizers are no different from brands in this regard. Understand the value of an online influencer, and then look for ways in which a relationship can be established. There are numerous ways in which this can be done. Simply put, if the influencer believes in the brand, they are going to be interested in a relationship.

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