Have you been to a musical or play recently? You might have noticed that a number of different productions have become much more interactive and understand how audience engagement can enhance the show. This is also true for business events and presentations. Not only can the performing arts benefit from increased participation from the audience, but so too can business events. You can already describe it in your presentations and blogs, as well as write articles about it. You can order such an article on the topic of theaters and performances in the prime essay. Many business events are still done in a traditional form where a presenter speaks to the audience, but it might be time for a change. Turing attendees into participants might be the best way to make you presentation stand out and to get the desired response.


Instead of thinking about the people you are speaking to as the audience, it might be better to think of them as the people that you serve. This means that you are connecting with people that that can also benefit from the business. The people in the crowd will feel much more included and involved. You want them to be invested in the brand and have something at stake. This is possible if you turn them into participants instead of just audience members. You want people to feel that they are a part of the brand and that they are engaged. This means that you should not think of them as only an audience. Community of contribution should be what you are looking to create.

Here are a few ideas to transform your audience into your participants:


Podcasts are becoming more and more popular an one of the best forms of media that exist. It is possible to create a podcast that you host regularly and invite your community to be on as guests. When you bring on some people that are part of your community to share their own thoughts and ideas on various topics, this makes them feel more involved like real active participants.

Post Views

It might also be a good idea to create blog topics and posts that are dedicated to the views of the community. This can give the people that are most important to your community a voice. You can create full blog posts that are nothing but comments from the community. However, it might be a good idea to ask for consent before you post these opinions for all to see.

Turing your audience into participants can be very beneficial in the long run.

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