Research tells us that a positive attitude and positive thinking is practically contagious! You can use this simple bit of knowledge to your advantage when planning events. When you seem happy and ready to work, so, too, do your staff. And with happy staff, attendees tend to be happier, overall. Here, we will do our best to let you know how you can make your events more positive for everyone. The power of positive thinking is real, and you would be sorely mistaken to discount it.

Stay Positive

Planning an event can be stressful. Even so, you must stay positive. Although it is not the same as event planning, studies tell us that those who stay positive in school often do better, overall, than those who are pessimistic. Through positive thinking, people can truly achieve excellence. So how can you remain positive? Through personal control. Remember to take care of yourself while planning hectic events. Eat right, be active, and get enough sleep. Doing so will put you in the mindset to do your best each day. See setbacks as opportunities, not problems that must be immediately dealt with.

Creating Positive Events

Creating positive events is all about your mindset. Visualize just what you want to happen at your event and make it so. Use positive language instead of using victim language. Also use this when promoting your events, networking, and talking with others. Understand that you are the only one who can change your overall mindset and thoughts. We recommend that you take time, each day, to think about how you want your event to materialize. Then, work to put a plan into action that will make it happen. Let others know your plan, as well, and create buy-in with your staff.

Making it Contagious

When your staff are happy and maintain positive thoughts so, too, will your participants. Encourage your staff members to always do their best to help your participants. Be sure that they respond to criticism positively and in a timely manner. Give your staff examples of what sort of language to use in order to keep all situations positive. Carve out time in your schedule, each day, to encourage positive thinking amongst everyone. You can do this by holding group reflection sessions. Or wake people up in the morning with movement and happy music that everyone can get into.

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