Silent discos, silent auctions, and silent seminars are all unique ways of experiencing regular activities. It will give your guests a brand new way to focus on the materials that you’re providing and to even make it easier to transform a regular event into something that no one has ever seen before. There are a variety of benefits to each for both professional and personal purposes.

Silent Discos

A silent disco is when attendees will be given (or will bring) wireless headphones into a completely silent club or arena. These headphones will then have the music broadcasted through them so there’s no need for large speakers or other audio equipment. It will give guests the ability to hear clear and crisp sound from anywhere in your venue and they can hear the music like they’re supposed to.

This can be advantageous for hosts that can’t find the right venues with soundproofing or other elements to prevent inside noise from filtering outside. You will also be able to promote conversations with one another at a more desirable loudness because there isn’t any screaming over thumping bass lines. Also, it’s simply healthier for your hearing.

Silent Auctions

When attending a silent auction it does not involve people vocally bidding against one another. Instead, all attendees will write their bids on a piece of paper and at the end of the auction, the highest bidder will be notified that they have won. It can be a better way to raise money for charitable causes as guests won’t have to worry about the intimidation of bidding against other parties. More people will also be able to bid amounts of money that they can afford instead of being pressured to pay more than they’re comfortable with. It provides a healthier and more appropriate environment than your traditional bidding wars.

Silent Seminars

Much like silent discos, attendees at silent seminars will have wireless headsets that allow them to hear the seminar that they are attending through their own personal listening device. This allows everyone to hear the seminar clearer than if there was a speaker addressing the entire audience. You are also given the opportunity to host more than one seminar at the same time in the same room and your guests can choose which one they would like to listen to. It is surely the future of corporate events as more information can be gathered in one confined space, instead of having to rent out an entire conference center for different seminars.

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