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February 23,

What Best To Serve

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Variety is the spice of life. Whether you are planning a private get together or a memorable event, having variation is key. Beyond simply stunning guests, focusing on a specially tailored food menu can take the entire experience to the next level. Lets review some of the cool ways you can serve at your next event.

Create a Combined Dessert Experience

Whether it is being carried around or waiting for guests at a table, display is everything. So, when it comes to creating a memorable service, consider the dessert coffee station. The dessert coffee station will match a relatively light dessert with a sweet and even alcoholic coffee. The idea is to present them together as a single dessert experience. The dessert coffee station allows for a great deal of thought and personalization. While other food may be picked from, the dessert coffee station is as much about creating a culinary experience as it is about providing an excellent finish to a wonderful event.

Find Alternative Ways to Present Food

There are a number of different ways to present food during an event. One successful way to make an event more notable is to provide a unique presentation for the food. For example, the popular tomato-soup shooter delivers a slice of a sandwich sticking from the end of a toothpick above a long narrow glass of tomato soup. Made to resemble a fancy drink, this alternative food entry brings a creative, fun, and even practical solution to providing guests with food. As always, preparation and thought are key to making this work. With that in mind most people have success arranging their food in such a way that it questions both the process of eating and presentation.

Provide a New Buffet Experience

There are many kinds of foods and drinks that don’t normally benefit from a buffet setting. For example, a tea bar is not something you hear that often. However, by providing the material for tea as well as an easy means of wrapping the bag, you can allow your event guests a unique experience along with some personal choice. In addition, it is a great way to engage your guests by having the production history, as well as the history of the different teas displayed for all to see. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can provide most of what goes into a tea bar at a reduced rate by doing the work yourself.

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