William has over 15 years experience in dealing with every aspect of events and has been in event consultancy for almost ten years. William has a vast knowledge of the events business and can be seen speaking on various aspects of events across the World. William is also regularly quoted in the event industry press and has written articles and.. read more →

A performer of great versatility, experience and sophistication, Stephanie Acraman has captured many audiences, from main stage opera to recital hall, representing everything from high profile corporate clients, opera and musical theatre companies to charity events. Her rich chocolaty tones, and broad vocal range have gained her recognition, and opportunity. Performing extensively throughout Asia Pacific,.. read more →

Zubin Bhettay leads global business sales and operations at DoubleDutch, a company that is embracing mobile and social to transform the event landscape. He has researched enterprise mobility for the past 4 years and has published papers on mobile penetration in enterprise and emerging markets. He has spoken at events like MPI and EIBTM and has worked with clients.. read more →

Bernie is a graphic recorder and the founder of Sketch Post Studio. She listens to ideas and transforms words into hand-drawn visuals that brighten up presentations, brainstorms and events. Graphic recordings simplify complex ideas to engage people, making ideas stick. Bernie has shared her knowledge on the process of graphic recordings, what type of events.. read more →

After Mike graduated from the Hotelschool The Hague, he founded Sendsteps in 2008. Sendsteps now facilitates more than 350 events per year with mobile audience interaction. Mike wants to accomplish his goal by giving an audience a voice during every presentation. Once people dare to speak up every presentation will start to become more interesting.. read more →

In 2005 Ross Bielejeski teamed up with long time friend and DJ, Greg Chinnis. The two of them had an entrepreneurial seizure that lead to the formation of Rock With U Entertainment (Rock With U was named to stress the importance of catering towards ‘U’). Ross has shared his knowledge about how to book entertainment,.. read more →

Sweetface Cakes is a bespoke cake shoppe. It specializes in creating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, shower cakes and other couture and boutique cakes. All cakes are custom-designed to reflect the personal and event style of the client. Renay has shared her knowledge about her 3 most important things to consider when ordering a custom made.. read more →

Kristine Nygaard Brandt, graphic artist, facilitator and Bachelor of Science. Kristine has been a freelance graphic facilitator since 2006, working with all modes of graphic communication from documenting major international conferences to facilitating workshops for management teams in smaller groups. Kristine has shared her knowledge on how to best use a graphic facilitator at an.. read more →

Erik Peekel is founder of Aaaaha! the Actor Factory. His company designs and produces session formats for corporate events. Erik has hosted a series of masterclasses based on the question “How can you organise the event that noone would want to miss?” Well over 1200 event organisers participated. Erik compiled a whitepaper covering these tips… read more →

Having a long career in the finance world, her passion for people photography, developed by years of global travel, led her and her husband Mark to start My Images of Life Photography in 2002. Evie specializes in weddings and portrait photography. Evie has shared her knowledge on what to ask a photographer before booking one.. read more →