When attending Confex on Thursday the 3rd March, I looked for Andrew, as I really wanted to grab an interview with him. Andrew is the Director of justFDI Limited, running a Mountain Bike Stunt Team (ThinkBikes) and a Social Signage solution (ThinkWall).

So, what are ThinkBikes and ThinkWall?

ThinkBikes is London’s leading bike stunt display team with a proven track record in delivering professional and exciting live shows, workshops and team building days around the UK and Continental Europe.

ThinkWall is a powerful software suite that can be used all, or in part, as a Twitter Wall, Instagram Wall, SMS/MMS Wall or as a full Digital Signage solution. It has an excellent Q&A session app, multiple choice voting and text to donate to mention a few.

Top Tip: Use the Digital signage solution on stage, only when doing Q&A, otherwise it can be distracting.

Who is Andrew?
As mentioned, Andrew is the Director of justFDI Limited. Their two main products are ThinkBikes, a bike stunt display team and ThinkWall a social signage solution for the events industry. His personal role is largely business development and software development. He is also in the middle of writing a book for Manning Publishing. In the past he was a technology journalist, best known for his days at TrustedReviews. He doesn’t have time to write any more but he keep himself involved in the industry by helping out with the techJPR London group.

Big Shout-out to Georama for partnering with me and giving me the opportunity to live stream my interviews as well as record and save them for later use.

To get in touch with Andrew, go to

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