Event planning is the fifth most stressful job. Event planners and most people who are directly and some who are indirectly associated with the event industry rarely strike a work life balance. In addition, college is a big stress for a student, so they also often buy a college research paper. There are many who are always working and some who have a satiating personal life but then their work takes the backseat. Most people struggle to make an attempt to restore some work life balance primarily because of the fear of losing out. Here are seven pragmatic tips for optimum work life balance for people in the event industry.

  • Event planners don’t have a conventional nine to five job. The industry has its own demands. Daytime events are one thing, late night events are another. You cannot follow the general rules when your profession has its own set of norms. Don’t wake up early when you have finished late. Plan your life, from sleep to recreation, according to your work schedules. You do not have to comply with the prevalent norm.
  • Always use the interim stretches of free time, whenever you have them and for whatever reason you find worthwhile. Have half an hour? Go for a massage or spend some time with a friend. Have two hours when you are not supposed to do anything? Go home, spend some time with your kids, take your partner out for a movie and you can even have a nice lunch or dinner with people you want to be with.
  • Cherish distractions. They could be books, online videos, chats with friends, shopping, eating, exercising or simply spending some time at your favorite place in the city. Distractions are a gateway to find work life balance. There are many people who have spare time but they don’t really leave work even when they leave their office.
  • Find the right way to stay healthy. You may or may not have time for workouts. Choose a diet that works for you. Think of ways that will help you to stay fit. The objective is not a certain unrealistic waistline. The goal is to be healthy, strong and agile.
  • Delegate responsibilities and trust the people to deliver. No individual on this planet can get everything done without any help. Most people who struggle to find work life balance are unable to delegate well and fail to bestow reasonable trust on others.
  • Don’t work when there is no work. When you are off, when there is no deadline and when you don’t have to turn on your laptop or computer for any professional reason, just do what you want and stay away from everything related to work.
  • Spend time with people you love and care for. Even half an hour with them is better than spending hours at a mall, buying the best perfume or struggling to find that perfect dress.

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