28 Oct 2014
October 28, 2014

〔Episode 82〕How do you measure impact & effectiveness when engaging an audience? -Marco Forgione

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Marco was appointed CEO of IVCA in 2008, leading the transformation of the association in response to the financial crisis and the fundamental changes which have taken place over the past 7 years. In 2014 after successfully leading the merger between Eventia and IVCA Marco was appointed CEO of the new association EVCOM. The status.. read more →

Leah Kahn directs event production and company operations at Sales Hacker Media and CMX Media in San Francisco, CA.  She also contracts with other startups and VCs.  Her skills lie in launching a company’s first-ever exclusive event or product. Leah has shared her knowledge about the registration progress, how to manage and where to get.. read more →

25 Sep 2014
September 25, 2014

〔Episode 73〕How is Storytelling and Events related? -Kristi Sanders

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Kristi Casey Sanders is an award-winning writer and creative director who’s covered the meetings industry since 2003. As VP of Creative/Chief Storyteller of Plan Your Meetings, a free educational resource for meeting and event planners, she works to empower, educate and inspire the unsung heroes of the corporate world and help them find the resources,.. read more →

23 Sep 2014
September 23, 2014

〔Episode 72〕 Why are events important today?-Terry Brock

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Terry Brock has worked with professionals from organizations in many different fields. He is a speaker in demand because of his practical, easy-to-understand manner and style. Yet even with his experience with large companies, Terry’s heart is with the hard-working, entrepreneurially-minded small business. He writes weekly to demonstrate how a small business — even a.. read more →

26 Aug 2014
August 26, 2014

〔Episode 64〕What is the role of the audience? -Robert Daverschot

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Robert’s work at Seats2meet, citizenM and Sendsteps, can be characterized by a focus on creating new value. With strong communication skills and an analytical mindsent, he contributes to themes related to social innovation. Robert is specialized in the moderation of corporate events in which he represents ‘the voice of the audience’. Robert has shared his.. read more →

07 Aug 2014
August 7, 2014

〔Episode 59〕What are the latest trends in the event industry? -Oscar Cerezales

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Oscar Cerezales has been in the event industry for about 20 years. He is Chief Operating Officer in Asia Pacific at MCI Group. He is a board member for PCMA since January . He has given more than 100 speeches and he has taught at Universities in Milan, San Paulo, Madrid and Barcelona. Oscar has.. read more →

17 Jul 2014
July 17, 2014

〔Episode 53〕How do you use live communication? -Nicoline Van Straten

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Nicoline van Straten is a pioneer in event marketing in The Netherlands. Using live communication, she brings about a dialogue between people and organizations, and between people themselves. Nicoline has shared her knowledge about Live communication, what it is, why it is important, how to use it.     To get in touch with Nicoline,.. read more →

19 Jun 2014
June 19, 2014

〔Episode 45〕What are Live online Events? -Gerdie Schreuders

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Gerdie Schreuders was the first Dutch TweetRedacteur (Twitterreporter) for business meetings and she is partner of inspiring and brand new, Amsterdam-based company, LiveOnlineEvents. She is a hybrid event specialist and author of books on strategic event marketing and likes to share her experience of almost 20 years in strategic event design as a lecturer. Gerdie.. read more →

17 Jun 2014
June 17, 2014

〔Episode 44〕How can you create more effective meetings? -Rosa Garriga Mora

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Events professional with special interest in designing effective meetings whose results are measurable and aligned with an organisation’s strategic objectives. Combines her work as trainer and ROI consultant with different projects related to meeting design. Working with clients from Europe and the United States, she researches and implements solutions to create more effective meetings, from speaker.. read more →

William has over 15 years experience in dealing with every aspect of events and has been in event consultancy for almost ten years. William has a vast knowledge of the events business and can be seen speaking on various aspects of events across the World. William is also regularly quoted in the event industry press and has written articles and.. read more →