Miscommunication, ineffective communication and confusing or contradicting communication will ruin your event.

Regardless of what type of event you are organising, the kind of audience you are catering to and the subject matter, context or purpose of the event, effective communication is one of the ingredients for success. While most proficient event planners and managers would know how to communicate lucidly and they would employ many mediums, it is necessary to have the right communication strategy. It is not always about the language used or the medium employed. It is also about what is being communicated.

Here are a few simple but essential tips to communicate effectively.

  • Have a single point of contact. It is possible that you would have different personnel or more than one point of contact given the myriad needs of an event but don’t have more than one authorised person in one department. There should be only one person communicating with everyone pertaining to the venue, another for food, someone else for reservations or confirmation of attendance and this way you should have the tasks segregated. You can have one person being the single point of contact for more than one task but don’t have too many people being contacted for the same reason. The attendees will get confused.
  • Don’t come up with too many ways to make the whole exercise convenient for the attendees or even the hosts. Don’t have half a dozen ways to sign up or send confirmations. When you put up too many options, it just confuses the recipient of the information. Have definite ways to respond or very well defined call to action. That is the most effective communication.
  • You can come up with a multilingual website, you may have bilingual staff and you can always cover those facets of language barrier but you must use a communication strategy that is relatable and relevant for the audience. Those who are too accustomed with state of the art technology will find traditional paperwork and a pile of information rather boring and uninteresting. Likewise, guests who are accustomed with conventional mediums will be overwhelmed with too much real time digital dissipation of information.

Effective communication is a prerequisite, right from the time when you plan and organise an event to the day of the event and following up. From the emails to social media engagement, the invitations to the presentations during the event, everything should be lucid for effective communication.


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