What was the most memorable event you attended? What about the event makes it stand out in your mind? Chances are that the event stands out because of a particularly strong emotional connection you had with the event itself. Lets take a moment to discuss the importance of experience and emotion to making an event truly memorable.

The Goal Is To Create An Experience

In the event industry, success comes from providing a service that meets the needs of the client(s). However, for an event to be memorable, talked about, and to lead to additional business, more often then not you will have to be more then just adequate. Consider the US coffee chain Starbucks. Starbucks succeeds because it creates an experience for its users, a place where they can feel a certain way and get something in a way that no other place can. What Starbucks is selling is an experience, and you should sell it too in your next event.

Creating an experience is all about tying in an emotional connection from the event goer into the event itself. It is about linking the event to past memories, to feelings, thoughts, and even emotions that cannot be easily tied down. All of this is done through creative event planning and focusing on how the individual will experience the event from beginning to end.

Emotional Connections Facilitate Positive Experience And Memory

The more something wows us, the greater the chance we will remember it. If you want to increase your event planning business, then focusing on the emotional connection will help to facilitate a positive experience that is unique enough for people to look back on. Along with finding ways to remind your attendees of positive experiences in the past, look to award your attendees for reasons that they may not have otherwise expected. These unexpected gifts and services are what help to build experiences that will reflect positively on you for years to come. In addition, finding ways to awards attendees for things like past attendance and personal triumphs is an excellent way to create a supportive and emotionally powerful event.

As a final note, it is important that these aspects of your event weave into a greater narrative generated by your event. Alone, they may seem odd or even out of place. However, if part of an overarching theme, it will be easier for people to feel like what they are going through is a unique experience, and engage in it as such.


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